Training course in Spain

From the 3rd to the 12th of May 2022, a training course was held in Torremolinos, Spain, with the participation of youth workers from each partner organization. The aim of the training course was to pilot the e-learning modules and facilitate a discussion on the human rights of youth minorities. The daily agenda was designed to be intensive, with various activities organized to cover a wide range of topics.

One of the main topics discussed during the training course was human rights and minority rights. Participants delved into the UN, American, and EU human rights systems to gain a better understanding of these mechanisms and how they can be used to protect the rights of minorities. The course also explored different instruments and mechanisms that are used to safeguard the rights of minorities.

Youth minorities and the contemporary challenges they face in Europe and the Americas were also discussed. The training course examined the various forms of discrimination that youth minorities face, as well as issues related to equality and non-discrimination. Participants also explored advocacy strategies for youth minorities and how to create meaningful change in their communities.

In addition to the topics discussed, the training course also covered the attributes of a human rights educator. This included a focus on effective communication skills, the ability to design and deliver educational materials, and the capacity to create and sustain inclusive learning environments.

At the end of the mobility, all participants received a youthpass certificate, which recognizes their participation and the skills and competencies developed during the training course. Overall, the training course was successful in achieving its objectives and provided valuable insights and tools for youth workers to promote and safeguard the human rights of youth minorities.


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