Job shadowing in Italy

Job shadowing is an opportunity to learn about a new field of work, gain practical experience and explore the culture and customs of a new country. For two job shadowers from Colombia coming from the partner NGO Fundación Alternativas y Acción Social, their experience in Italy was especially unique as they focused on learning about minority human rights.

As two countries with a long history of human rights struggles, Italy and Colombia offer unique perspectives on minority rights. Italy, for example, has experienced waves of immigration in recent decades, which has led to ongoing debates about integration and the rights of minority communities. Colombia, on the other hand, has experienced decades of conflict and human rights abuses, particularly against minority groups such as Indigenous peoples and Afro-Colombians.

During their exchange, the two job shadowers had the opportunity to learn about the legal frameworks that protect minority rights in Italy and Colombia. They also had the chance to see how these frameworks are put into practice in both countries.

In Italy, they visited NGOs and community organizations that work with migrant and refugee populations. They learned about the challenges these communities face, such as accessing healthcare and education, and how organizations are working to address these challenges.

One of the most valuable aspects of the job shadowing experience was the opportunity to meet with people who are directly impacted by human rights issues. The job shadowers were able to hear firsthand about the challenges faced by minority communities, and to see the resilience and creativity of people who are working to address these challenges.

Overall, the job shadowing experience was a unique opportunity to learn about the similarities and differences in how Italy and Colombia approach minority human rights. The job shadowers were able to gain a broader understanding of the complexity of human rights issues and the various factors that contribute to their violation. They also gained valuable skills and knowledge that they can bring back to their work in Colombia and share with their colleagues and communities.

We hope that the experiences of these two job shadowers inspire others to explore the issues of minority human rights and to seek out opportunities to learn from different perspectives and experiences. It is only by working together and sharing knowledge that we can create a world where everyone’s human rights are respected and protected.

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