Job shadowing in Estonia

During their job shadowing experience in Estonia, Brazilian representatives had the opportunity to visit an organization that has been offering educational activities and events for 100 years. They met with the coordinator, Mr. Uudo Laane, who gave the job shadowers a fascinating insight into the history of the organization and the wide range of activities that they offer. 

Indeed, their visit started with a guided tour of the facilities led by Mr. Laane, who explained the various activities that take place in each space, namely the variety of classes available, such as language classes, IT classes, dance, arts, and theater classes, among others.

During the job shadowing experience in Estonia, Brazilian representatives had the opportunity to learn about human rights in the country. They discovered that Estonia has made significant progress in protecting human rights and promoting equality, and they learned about the legal framework in place to support these efforts.Job shadowers were impressed by the Estonian government’s commitment to upholding the rights of its citizens, including the right to education, health, and equal treatment under the law. They learned that Estonia has a robust legal system that aims to prevent discrimination and protect minority rights, including the rights of ethnic and linguistic minorities.

Furthermore, they discovered that there are many opportunities for citizens to get involved in human rights work in Estonia, including volunteering with local organizations or advocating for policy changes that support human rights.  They were impressed by the high level of civic engagement in Estonia and the efforts made by both the government and civil society to create a fair and just society.

In addition, during their stay in Estonia, job shadowers participated in a Jympa class with a group of six women. Jympa is a physical activity that focuses on balance, flexibility, and resistance training, and the animated class was taught with music and rhythms that complemented the movements performed. 

They also had the opportunity to attend a line dance class with a group of 10 women of various ages. The teacher was very skilled at teaching even students who had never had any experience with dancing, and we learned basic steps for beginners while also observing the group performing more advanced steps.

Another interesting activity was the porcelain painting class. Although it required a bit of skill, they learned a painting technique using their fingertips and made a painting on a cup that was then taken to the oven to dry. They were also able to see an exhibition of various works carried out by students, which are sold to the community.

Job shadowers had the opportunity to talk in detail with Mr. Laane about all the activities carried out throughout the week and ask questions about the projects ongoing at the organization. They also talked about the activities carried out in their sending organization and exchanged experiences.

In conclusion, the experience in Estonia taught them that human rights are fundamental to creating a just and equitable society, and job shadowers were inspired by the efforts being made in the country to protect and promote these rights. They left Estonia with a renewed commitment to human rights and a greater appreciation for the ongoing work being done to create a more just world. Their experience at this organization in Estonia was both informative and enjoyable. They were impressed by the wide range of activities available, the quality of the teaching, and the commitment of the organization to providing a space for lifelong learning and creativity.

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