Job shadowing in Bulgaria

In the framework of SU4HR, two ORBIS representatives from the United States had the opportunity to travel to Bulgaria for a job shadowing activity focused on minority human rights and exchange of good practices hosted by Alternativi International.

During their time in Bulgaria, they were able to gain a deep understanding of the challenges faced by minority communities in the country and the ongoing efforts to promote their rights and ensure their full inclusion in society. One of the most striking things they learned during their stay was the diversity of minority communities in Bulgaria. From Roma and Turkish minorities to people with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ community, Bulgaria is home to many different groups that have experienced discrimination and marginalization.

Through their interactions with local activists and community leaders, they learned about the struggles faced by these communities and the efforts being made to promote their rights and improve their quality of life. They were inspired by the commitment of these individuals to creating a more just and equitable society, despite the many obstacles they face.

The job shadowers were involved in the daily activities of their hosting organization, and they organized several events with young people from rural minority areas as well as held a few informative workshops in the South-West University of Blagoevgrad. During their time in Bulgaria, they also had the opportunity to attend several workshops focused on human rights and minority inclusion, being impressed by the dedication of the organizations and individuals working on the ground in Bulgaria to promote human rights and social justice.

Through their experience in Bulgaria, they gained a deep appreciation for the complexity of human rights issues and the importance of grassroots movements in creating change. The job shadowing was an eye-opening experience that gave them a new perspective on the struggle for minority human rights. They were inspired by the work being done by local activists and community leaders and left with a greater appreciation for the importance of promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality in all aspects of society.

JS in BG

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